New Students

Prior to your arrival


Please register in advance using the form above. If you have the Mindbody app on your phone – use the same email address from the Mindbody app when registering here at Urban Yoga. This will ensure your membership is recognized properly when booking classes from your phone.


Download the Mindbody app. The app is the most convenient way to view our schedule, book a class, and add reminders to your calendar.


Purchase the 1 Month Intro Offer for new students for $39 (valid for Arizona residents only). The 1 month starts on the date you take your first class.


Take one of our Foundations classes for beginners offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 pm and Saturdays at 11 am.


Some of our new students prefer to start with a series of private classes with one of our expert instructors. If you’d like to schedule private sessions please call our front desk staff at 602-277-9642.


If you are between 14 and 17 years old, please have your parent / guardian complete / sign our new student waiver.


If you drive, you can park for free in the parking garage just east of the ONE Lexington building—enter the garage from Lexington Ave (not 1st Place). Park in any space on the first level, excluding spaces that are labelled “reserved.” When you leave the studio, take a token and use this to exit the garage. If you prefer to take the Valley Metro Light Rail, exit at the Osborn/Central Ave stop and simply cross Central to east.


Entering the Yoga Space

Please remove shoes and only take in what is absolutely necessary. Leave cell phones in the car or turn off. Mats and towels are available to rent for $2 each. We sell various beverages, yoga mats, yoga props & yoga clothes. No entrance to class is allowed 10 minutes past class start time. Lockers and showers are available. No shoes or phones are allowed in the practice space.



Tips for New Students

– Be aware of students coming in after you who need a spot and be prepared to shift your mat to make room for your neighbor.

– Please clean up the floor around your mat before leaving.  Place props back neatly where you found them.

– If you must leave early, practice by the doors and wait until a pose where students cannot see you to leave.

– If you want to try deep stretching & meditation, take a Restorative &/or Yin class.

– Try Foundations and Slow Flow first and once you have the technique down, come try an Urban Flow if you are looking for something more challenging. Take a break when you need to and rest in a restorative posture like child’s pose, downward facing dog or table top.

– If people are already in the practice space, please respect the meditative environment and enter the room quietly.

– Ask your instructor for help! Ask for variations and even quietly let them know about any limitations you may be experiencing. They are there to help!

– Bring an eye pillow or use a hand towel for an eye pillow for added relaxation during savasana at the end of class. – Shower Policy: Showers close 10 minutes after the last class.

– Hydrate! Drink lots of fluids before, during & after class.  Replenish with water or beverages with electrolytes.

– Furthering your Practice: Private sessions give you an opportunity to learn how you should approach each pose best suited for your body. Whether you are healing an injury, need support through an emotional time, a beginner wanting to learn more, or an advanced practitioner, you will dramatically deepen your yoga practice. Your instructor has ample time to devote & design the practice according to your needs with ample time for hands-on attention and support.

– Workshops: are typically on weekends and are not included in the regular group class packages or memberships (although discounts to members apply to most workshops). Often workshops have an additional fee and give you an opportunity to grow your practice in a number of ways. You can view our workshops and sign up online.



10 Tips to Being a Good Yogi

1. Leave your phone in car. Decide whatever it can wait after you have your personal time on the mat. Don’t keep it outside the door or in a cubby where it buzzes, beeps & plays music at others.

2. Be as on time as possible. Remove your shoes and enter the practice space in a humble way. Delicately lay out your mat. Grab the props you may need and arrange them near your mat leaving room for other students to do the same.

3. Be kind and notice if you need to adjust your mat to make space for student(s) looking for a spot.

4.Stay through final relaxation pose, savasana. If you must leave early set up by the door, inform the instructor when possible, and quietly gather up your belongings making the quietest exit possible.

5. Wash your yoga clothes after each wear or at least air-dry them. Wear enough clothing to cover the essentials, please.

6. If you are sick, stay home and get better. Classes will be here when you feel better.

7. Stay with the poses being offered, modify if needed, and keep the practice healthy for your body. Try variations of the pose if you feel safe. If you take a little longer on one side, meet up with the class where they are & stay in the flow of the room. Inquire with the instructor before or after class if you have any questions or need guidance.

8. Take your practice off the mat. Allow your practice to bring more peace into your life and share that with others.

9. Check out our Karma classes on Sundays & the other charitable classes where we offer funds from classes to local organizations.

10. Ask questions. Be a curious Yogi & let us know how to better your experience at Urban Yoga. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water!!