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Urban Asana, Ahimsa

February 28th, 2014

Ahimsa is non-violence in thought, word and deed.  Thinking in opposites, it can be defined as kindness, love, and compassion. What does ahimsa look like on the mat?  How can we embody and actually live this practice?  It is revealed as going at your own pace, letting your breath guide your practice, not over exerting.  […]


February 18th, 2014

“Love means non-hurting, non- harming, non-injuring, and non-killing, not only through actions, but through speech and thoughts.”   Swami Rama                In the most traditional sense, ahimsa refers to maintaining a vegetarian diet.  The premise of which being non-killing and non- harming of another living creature to sustain one’s self. Personally, I don’t believe in blanket […]

The Yamas

February 4th, 2014

Hello Urban Yogis, The month of February has arrived. For some of us our resolutions and intentions we set at the beginning of the year are in full swing.  For others, maybe the commitment to our best selves has wavered.  This month let’s allow our yoga practice to guide us back to a place of […]