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An Urban Yogi walks the middle path between city life & their spiritual identity.  Get out of your hectic, everyday life without even leaving the city!

Through the practice of yoga, the individual grows healthy, strong & balanced.  On this path one will meet the challenges & opportunities of our time with confidence, integrity & grace.  Our mission is to awaken & strengthen our community by embodying a modern yogic lifestyle, while providing a haven for peace and self-healing, by reawakening our awareness through our breath, through our yoga.  Yoga is more than a form of exercise – it is a way of life.  Our focus in classes is to help students integrate the peace found in yoga class and integrate the teachings into their everyday life. Encouraging a holistic approach to health is our philosophy, fostering an environment that is beautiful and supports sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives.

Peace begins within each of us.  That first step towards peace is awareness of the Self.  If just one person can bring more awareness into their breath, they will find it’s easier to smile and laugh.  And so it becomes easier for the people around them to do the same.  So doing yoga becomes a practice in cultivating peace everywhere we go.  As Thich Nhat Hahn, a famous Buddhist teacher says, “One smile at a time, we can change the world”.

Live Your Life With Purpose. We look forward to seeing you here.