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Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! We are dedicated to creating a sanctuary that honors your body, mind & spirit. If you have comments or suggestions on how we can better support your practice, we would love to hear from you !


This studio is hip, clean and altogether great looking. There’s a nice selection of goods and the staff is both friendly and helpful. The studio is large and comfortable with a mirrored front wall and a rustic brick side wall.  I’m relatively new to Yoga, having only taken classes intermittently and never in a real studio. UY made me feel comfortable from my first class and left me wanting to return. There are all levels offered and even the beginner classes leave me feeling refreshed and invigorated (and, yes, sore the next day!). There are a lot of options in Yoga studios but Urban Yoga should definitely be on your list.

James S


I was visiting phoenix for a conference and found Urban Yoga online. It is amazingly beautiful inside with excellent energy and decor. The staff is very friendly and helpful. There is a lot of great stuff to look at and browse in their retail area in front. I did the 75 minute Urban Flow class and enjoyed it a lot. Truly one of the best deals and one of the highest quality studios I’ve come across in the U.S.

Scott R


This studio is a slice of heaven for me! Urban has everything you want in a yoga studio- friendly and active staff, awesome boutique with fantastic sales, and an overall zen feeling with the decor and music. This instructors are superb and you can always find one that fits exactly what you are looking to get out of your practice. I highly recommend you use their new student deal and try as many classes as you can in that period. This helps find the instructor and class you enjoy the most. They always have a different monthly deal on memberships so make sure you ask about that. As for the boutique side of things, its amazing. Such a great place to get small gifts for anyone on your list and also treat yourself to some new yoga gear. Marisa, the owner, is also the buyer and travels to buy things that are fair-traded and unique. Try Urban, trust me you wont be let down.

Ashley L


Love the yoga, love the instructors. The studio has an amazing feel to it, open windows & high ceilings with beautiful (yes, beautiful) duct work.

I’ve seen on their website they are going to be offering a 300 hr yoga training, I am seriously considering taking this course to add onto my 200 hr, all of the teachers here seem very knowledgable & unique.



I’m obsessed. Plain and simple, I love Urban Yoga. They offer a wide range of classes (beginners-experts, kids yoga, gong yoga, candlelight yoga) with all types of instructors. I signed up for two weeks of unlimited yoga for a measly twenty five bucks. I feel great! I really enjoy the Astanga class or any other classes taught by Danielle Godfrey. I feel like she really gets it…what I mean by that is that she knows how to teach and knows how to come over and adjust you in just the right way for awesome things to happen. The classes start early in the morning and go through til around 7:30pm. In addition to yoga classes, they also have a ton of yoga gear (clothes, mats, etc.), books for trading, jewelry, and more. I look forward to each class and have noticed changes in my body already! The space is super chill and clean and I highly recommend you try it out for yourself as soon as possible.


Meschelle H


While struggling to maintain balance in my life, a daily practice is helped immensely by a beautiful space, knowledgeable staff and stimulating curriculum.  I’ve got some experience in yoga, ayurveda and have travelled a bit in Asia. I had the fortune to spend some time in Mysore studying ashtanga, at an ashram in Pune as well as vipassana in Chiang Mai.  In my travels through the States and around the world I have had the fortune to study under amazing teachers in humble rooms and exotic locales. These experiences have made me quite particular in my choice of studios.  Urban Yoga meets or exceeds all my expectations.

It is hard to get over how beautiful it is. One continually notes the nuanced attention: from the door handles to the floors in the locker rooms. But as beauty can be a thin surface, the honest appreciation comes through while coming to class every day: the classes available seven days a week many from 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM. Online scheduling, teacher summaries (and what excellent, passionate teachers!).  My favorite part? The little lending library that reminds me of all the libraries I would see in ex-pat cafes while travelling in India.  Pricing is quite reasonable also. Tip: they seem to offer some kind of package special every month.

Regi B


When I first moved to the Valley in 2005 I struggled to find a yoga studio that met my needs.  After many years of being forced to take yoga at corporate gyms, health clubs, and elitist studios, I was thrilled and elated to find Urban Yoga a convenient half mile away from my home.  The first day I set foot at Urban I felt so welcomed, and the instructor took so much personal interest in my to help grow my yoga practice.  I took two classes in a row that day (which is just about one year ago to the day) and have taken hundreds of classes there since.  I even signed up for teacher training at Urban and am now certified to teach.

Urban is like a home to me– the community atmosphere at Urban cannot be matched by any other yoga studio.  These folks really care about their customers and the focus is 100% on the practice of yoga– not about what clothes you’re wearing (though the boutique there is very cute) or how hot your bod is.  You can be yourself at Urban and you will make friends.  Central Phoenix is budding with yoga studios now but don’t be fooled.  Urban is the real deal.  It’s beautiful studio filled with wonderful people and I highly recommend it over any others.

Erin W


My experience here has been an extremely healing, enjoyable experience. The teachers are professional, spiritual, funny, talented and caring folks providing safe and informative instruction. The desk staff are full of smiles, they remember your name and are helpful.

Many blessings, Namaste,