Amma: the Hugging Saint from India Embraces the World

Dear Urban Yogis,

If you don’t know about Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, the Humanitarian leader who embraces everyone with Divine Love, then take a few minutes and get to know Her. If you have had an Amma hug, write about it. We would love to hear your experience!

About a decade ago Amma traveled to Indianapolis and I experienced my first Kirtan followed by a hug from this woman who was a stranger, but not really. When the light of her heart opens around you, there is a feeling of deep connectedness to everyone and everything on the planet, even Amma herself. Often she gives you a word to contemplate and reflect in your own meditation.

When I need inspiration, I close my eyes and think of Amma hugging the world. Look at all of the awesome ways her organization brings Love, Service, Conservation into actual practice into the world.  Amma believes in Education for Everyone and is the Chancellor of Amrita University.

Embrace the World and let the World embrace you back.

Happy Holidays

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