Our studio offers you an array of classes each day that meet you wherever you’re at in your yoga practice, whether you’re just beginning, have some experience with yoga or are advanced in your practice. Most of our classes offer accommodations for all levels.


Our community-minded class priced at an affordable rate, our $5 Karma class is an All Levels Vinyasa class that takes place Sunday mornings at 8:30 am.


Asanas (poses) are built from a simple, strong foundation and modifications are introduced to help support the level of your practice. Breath and movement are linked to a moving meditation. Variations are added throughout the sequencing of poses to challenge each student. Prerequisite Notes: With every yoga class, listen to your body, take a resting pose as needed or amp up the tone of your practice with challenging variations.

Stemming from the astanga vinyasa system, this class focuses on linking together postures with flowing movement (vinyasa). The joining of the vinyasa with the gaze (drsti), the breath (pranayama) and the energy “locks” (bandha) is a powerful discipline for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual health. The practice cleanses, stretches and strengthens the body as well as focuses and calms the mind. With consistent practice, we realize a deeper experience of the self.

Tune in, unwind and let go of your day. Enjoy an inspiring meditation in motion (Vinyasa Level I-II) flowing to upbeat music for the first 45 minutes or so with postures focused on strength & balance. The class slowly unwinds into blissful deep stretches to increase flexibility and bring harmony to both body and mind. Instructors will combine yin, restorative yoga & meditative techniques. This class is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners. Listen to your body, take resting poses as needed and amp up the poses with modifications. Ask your instructor for insight as to how to make your practice more or less challenging.

Enjoy a slower paced practice where poses are broken down so you find comfortable, correct positioning for your unique body. Our instructors offer adjustments and hands on support throughout to help with alignment. Sun Salutations, Standing Poses (Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Warrior 3, Triangle, etc.), Twisting Poses, Sitting Poses, and basic Inversions (Shoulder stand) are among the primary postures explored.

Yin Yoga and restorative practices are utilized to give you a soothing, deep stretch. You can expect to use many props as you linger in floor poses, moving at a perfectly slower pace to allow ample time for enjoyment of each posture while exploring breath, alignment and meditation.

This soothing yin/restorative/deep stretch class is therapeutic in nature. You can expect to use many props as you linger in floor poses, moving at a perfectly slower pace to allow ample time for enjoyment of each posture while exploring breath, alignment and a little more meditation than our typical restorative classes.

Start your day with this invigorating All Levels Flow class and experience the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of a dynamic early morning practice. Open your body, unfold your breath and awaken your mind while setting the tone for your day.

Breathe, move, meditate (and sweat!) to a dynamic sequence of (Vinyasa Level 2 – 3) postures set to upbeat rhythms that will liberate, energize, and revitalize every part of your being! Each class is different and offers something new & challenging including arm balances, inversions (headstand, handstands, shoulder and forearm balances).

Mysore-style is a one-to-one practice in a group setting. Mysore’s practice is the traditional way of practicing ashtanga yoga and offers a highly personalized approach. The teacher will lead the student through the traditional ashtanga series one pose at a time.