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You may already be aware that yoga is an investment in yourself that will always return positive results. Committing to a regular practice can transform all aspects of your life: physical, mental and spiritual. And you don’t have to be flexible or have a certain body shape to start experiencing the benefits.




Auto Pay Membership $99 Our Most Popular Membership (Benefits Apply)
Drop In $22
10 Class Package $180 Expires in 1 year
25 Class Package $325 Expires in 1 year
Private Yoga Instruction $85 60 Minutes
6 Month Membership $595 (Benefits Apply)
1 Year Membership $1099 (Benefits Apply)

*All Class Purchases: Non-Refundable
* Gift certificates are available in any amount.


Auto Pay Membership

If you practice twice a week, auto pay membership is the best value! The more classes you attend, the less you pay per class. Sign up for Membership today. Urban Yoga will automatically deduct your monthly payment of $99 from your credit/debit card on the same day each month, at no hassle to you.

No long term contract required. Only 2 month minimum commitment. 30 day notice via email to required to cancel membership. Auto Pay Membership may not be combined with any other discount or special.

* One freeze/hold permitted within a 1 year period.


Membership Benefits

15% Discount On All

* Boutique Purchases (excludes: food, beverage, consignment & sale items)
* Workshops & Events

Additionally, the 6 Month and 1 Year Memberships also receive Free Yoga Mat and Towel Rentals + 1 Guest Pass Per Month

Membership Benefits may not be combined with any other discount or special.



Corporate & Off-site Classes

Yoga makes healthier and more productive employees, and happier work places !

Creativity, innovation, leadership and vision- all these qualities flourish when employees are exposed to the healing and stress relieving benefits of yoga.  Studies have shown that stress related illnesses and injuries are the number one cause for employee absenteeism and cost companies an average of $14,000 annually.  Yoga is the art of helping an individual create a state of mind where he/she can think in new ways, deal with pressures of work, respond to challenges effectively and stay calm through it all.  Yoga can also help build and enhance interpersonal relationships, creating more motivated and productive employees with a higher job satisfaction.

Some benefits of practicing yoga are :
* Stress reduction & management
* Improved health & physical fitness
* Better focus & concentration
* Builds confidence, motivation & personal initiative
* Enhanced creativity
* Better decision-making
* Enhanced healthy team work & collaboration

Please contact our Offsite Coordinator at if you are interested in purchasing bulk corporate packages or scheduling private a yoga class at your business or event!