Woman using the Mindbody App to book a class.

Use the Mindbody App to Meet Your Goals

Booking your yoga classes on the MindBody App ahead of time has many benefits:


1. You are more likely to actually make it to class 

2. You will secure your place in our more popular classes that fill up

3. You’ll save time when arriving at the studio  


We hear from many students everyday on why they want to practice yoga. For some its increasing flexibility to prevent injuries from trail running or weight lifting. Some people want more peace and calmness in their daily life. For others it’s to lose weight. Whatever your reason is for practicing, consistency is the key to realizing results. Establish that consistency by following these steps:



Step 1

First download the free Mindbody App to access our class schedule. Available for both Android and Apple devices.



Step 2

Next search for Urban Yoga in Phoenix and click the heart  icon to save us in your favorites.


Screenshot of Mindbody App


If you have any issues seeing your Urban Yoga membership or class packages on the Mindbody App, use the built-in chat feature to get live help. Click “Profile” and then “Chat with us” to get help resolving this account synchronization issue.


Step 3

Finally – look at our schedule on the App for the week and decide which yoga classes you will take to help meet your goals. Book those classes on the MindBody App and use the built in feature to add the class to your calendar. Doing this ahead of time sets you up for success for the week. Make your practice a priority by putting it on your calendar. Pro-Tip: Go to “Profile” -> “Settings” -> “Calendar” and turn on “Send schedule to my calendar”.  See you in class!


Woman practicing yoga.