Random Acts of Kindness

December 23rd, 2014

Writing, Reflection, Intention Day 13


Today our attitude exercise is practicing random acts of kindness. Everything can be done with a smile, softness, and compassion.

Most of us go through life thinking, acting, and being with some kind of expectation or self-reward in the back of our minds. It’s an interesting place of self-discovery to observe, witness and honor what expectations we have of others and how they guide our decision making. Today let’s be in the world interacting with our fellow travelers simply for the sake of existing in this life together. Let’s give everything we have, our love, time, and care and expect absolutely nothing in return.

For our experience together today

Be Kind

This could mean smiling more, anonymously buying a person’s coffee, helping a stranger in need of assistance, or just listening (really listening) when another is speaking to you. For me it’s often easier to be kind to strangers and a challenge to genuinely kind to people close to me. Explore this.

As you go through your day get curious about your motives.

Ask yourself what you expect to gain. Then let the expectation go. Act for the sake of acting, do for the sake of doing. Be for the sake of being.

At the end of the day sit and reflect on your experience. Explore your resistance as well as any shifts that may have occurred.

I think the ultimate act of kindness is doing something without expectation of something in return. I have been practicing my own version of this for a few weeks and the result has been more freedom in my life. Acting without expectation, being for the sake of being has allowed me new space mentally free from disappointment and feelings of being “let down”. It has created peace and ease in my relationships allowing me to honor you being you as I am me. It has opened a softness and tenderness in my heart. It has been the ultimate kindness to myself.

Stay Curious Friends,

Give everything, expect nothing

with love, k



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