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December 3rd, 2008

Twisted Reasoning

”  Life has been somewhat, how do you say, nerve-racking for the past few weeks. Our shoulders have so many knots in them that people have been asking us if we ring the bells at Notre Dame. We’ve tried wine, but that just makes us pissy and hate the light. We’ve tried muscle-relaxers, which make us unable to operate heavy machinery (aka, drive), which is not so good. And we’ve tried eating our feelings, which just makes us feel, well, like a manatee.
When we heard about the new Urban Yoga studio, we figured we’d give it a shot. And lordy, lordy, are we glad we did! With the soothing scent of incense in the air, soft lighting and a Zen atmosphere, we felt immediately calmer.

The actual work-out, however… Honestly, we found it difficult to sun salute while wiping sweat out of our eyes, making sure our rolls were covered and glaring at the elfin waif next to us who was touching her nose with her feet while balancing on her whosie-whats-it. Nevertheless, we persevered, and were pleasantly surprised to find that we felt so much better. As much as I detest working out, I can’t help but admit that yoga has helped me immensely. Not only am I a twist and bend Gumby (a definite attention-grabber for the men, ladies!), but I’ve also been able to find some much-needed calm in this little chaos-prone world.”

~ Rebecca Cannon


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