When and How do Yoga teachers incorporate Qigong movements into an asana class?

Danielle Godfrey, Goddess of Zen Gong, at Urban Yoga Saturdays 11:30am, answers the questions:

First, words to the wise (from the weary): guage/assess your crowd and the venue of each class as mixing styles is not always welcome or appreciated. That said, at start of class, before salutations, it’s good to incorporate meridian stretches to ensure subtle energy awareness.

For example: (1) From samastitihi, extend arms over head, clasp fingers, turn palms up and press up, then forward fold. (2) Repeat coming down to floor on both right and left. (3) Then repeat with just arms (no forward fold), part hands as arms come down, and flexing wrists, press palms towards floor, chin tucked, head forward, light jalendara bandha. (4) Repeat with chin upward reaching. (5) With arms extended to side, turn one palm up clockwise, other palm up counter-clockwise and twist in direction of clockwise palm and alternate sides.

At the end of class, qigong breathing (simply belly breathing and connecting with Center)¬†prepares for Savasana as it is the body’s natural breath for sleep.

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