Winter Solstice Mala w/ Kim Smith Saturday, Dec 22 1-3pm

December 2nd, 2012

The holidays are jam packed with outings, events, and ever increasing to do lists.  It is easy to get caught up in the holiday hubbub.  Our bodies and minds become overwhelmed with details and we often find ourselves expending more energy than we have to give.   The winter solstice is a time of inner reflection.  It is a time for renewal and rest.   Yoga provides the perfect balance to the holiday mayhem.  This workshop will allow you to cleanse and detoxify the physical, mental, and emotional stresses that accumulate from over-doing.  It will also promote time and space to breathe, release, and most importantly, just be.

In this workshop we will practice a modified mala, repetitive rounds of sun salutations.  Each round of mala will be themed with setting a personal intention to manifest in your life. The heat, or tapas we will build during the mala is the perfect tool to burn away and shed old ways of thinking, acting and believing that no longer support our most authentic selves.

Between malas, we will move into longer held poses and practice breathing techniques that promote a sense of steadiness and ease.  With the aid of pranayama, yin and restorative yoga we will give ourselves the opportunity to turn inwards and reflect.  The space we create will help to establish a stronger connection to our innermost knowing, enabling the practitioners to rest fully in the light of their own authenticity.

This workshop will help you to connect to your inner light, stoking the internal fire of change while promoting an essence of support.

Give yourself the gift of practice with intention.

Join Kim in this very special mala practice and celebrate the bright light that shines within.


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