200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training | Online & Hybrid In-Person Options

If you’ve been wanting to translate what you feel during yoga to each moment in life, you’ll find answers in our 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Our yoga teacher training is designed for those who want to share yoga with others as well as those who personally desire a more comprehensive understanding of the physical and philosophical practice of yoga. You’ll learn details of the physical postures as well as the philosophy behind yoga and how it translates to everyday life. Even if you don’t intend to ever teach a yoga class, you’ll expand your awareness of the many ways the principles of yoga apply to everyday life and help you be more the person you want to be. And if you think you’d like to share the experience of yoga with others, we provide you with the information and experience you’ll need to lead a class safely, creatively and authentically.

We offer one of the most innovative, diverse and practical 200 hour yoga teacher training programs in the study of yoga. Our extensive curriculum draws on both traditional Eastern philosophy and conventional Western science in a unique approach that offers answers for those who desire more meaning in their demanding and confusing lives. We offer an array of teaching perspectives from specialists in their fields. You’ll learn not just the names and anatomy of the poses but how the underlying philosophy can translate to everyday life and bring unprecedented calm and authenticity to your every moment and interaction.

And beginning Fall 2020, our training is available to take EITHER ONLINE OR IN PERSON.

Urban Yoga is proud to be an accredited school of yoga through Yoga Alliance.

What You’ll Learn

•An understanding of the fundamental elements of yoga poses with an emphasis on alignment and safety

• Basics of teaching class both online and in person

• Yoga philosophy and how it translates to your life

• Anatomy as well as the subtler energetics of the body 

• Modifying classes for special needs, including prenatal 

• Ayurvedic science & practices

• Sanskrit, chanting & sound therapy

• Pranayama & meditation

• The art of sequencing a class, setting a theme & creating playlists

• Teaching methodology 

• Lifestyle, ethics, mindfulness and more

Additional Benefits

• Attend unlimited yoga classes at our studio for the duration of your training (a savings of $297!)
• Discounted YTT graduate unlimited membership for just $60 a month (a monthly savings of $39!)

Free Information Session

Curious to learn more? Attend our upcoming free information session with lead trainer Bex Richards. Bring all your questions or simply come for the behind-the-scenes glimpse at what you’ll experience during yoga teacher training. Our next online information session is Saturday, September 26th, at noon. To attend, kindly fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page under LEARN MORE or email us at info@urbanyogaphx.com and we’ll provide you with the link as well as to answers to any other questions you’d like to inquire about prior to the info session.

Reserve Your Space

Our Fall 2020 Yoga Teacher Training runs October 10th through January 23rd with breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. To reserve your place in training, simply email info@urbanyogaphx.com to setup a payment arrangement. If you have any questions whatsoever, we’d be happy to answer them and share more with you about our training. Simply fill out the contact form below and we’ll reach out to you.

Pay in Full: Your total is $2900 or, if you pay in full by October 8, 2020, you’ll receive our early bird discount, which reduces your tuition to $2600.
Payment Plan: Reserve you place in training by making a $500 deposit and and three monthly auto payments. The full tuition of $2900 will be due in its entirety prior to your last day of training.

Financial Aid / FAFSA

Federal funding is available for Yoga Teacher Training. To apply for FAFSA and learn more, see StudentAid.gov.

GI Bill® Benefits For Veterans

Our teacher training program is eligible for Veterans Affairs (VA) funding under the GI Bill®. It’s our honor to assist those who’ve dedicated their lives to safeguarding others.

If you or a veteran you know are interested in applying your educational benefits toward yoga teacher training, before applying to our training, you’ll need to first apply with the VA at www.gibill.va.gov. Kindly note that it may take 10 to 12 weeks for your application to be processed. The VA will notify all qualified applicants of their benefits and will provide your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Once you have your COE, you’re welcome to apply for our yoga teacher training.

For assistance with applying for benefits, kindly contact the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Processing Office at 888-442-4551.


The regular weekly training schedule is: 

Tuesdays & Thursdays (Zoom only)   6 pm – 9 pm
Saturdays (choose between in-studio* or Zoom)  10 am – 5 pm

*Student requests for the 7 available spots for in-studio participation on Saturdays will be decided on a first-come, first-served basis.
Note: Temperatures will be checked upon arrival to ensure everyone’s safety.

About Your Teachers

We’re honored and grateful that our lead trainer for Urban Yoga’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is Bex Richards. Guest teachers include Shawn Bradford, Cheryl Oliver, Gila Shire, Shaelyn Delgado, Kari Ann Levine, Kelly Kjos and Amanda Byars.

Bex Richards

Bex began teaching yoga in 2011 after obtaining her 200 hour training from Moksha Yoga Chicago. She taught yoga in the Chicago area for more than 3 years before she moved to Arizona. Bex finds passion in sharing yoga with everyone. She firmly believes the practice of yoga changed her life and seeks to give that back. She teaches to share inner and outer strength, confidence and humility, as well as connection to self and community. Bex leads her yoga classes with enthusiasm and passion. Her classes will challenge you mentally and physically and leave you feeling confident and refreshed.


How do I know if I’m ready?

There is no certain amount of time you need to have been practicing yoga before taking teacher training. If you’re curious about yoga and wish to take your practice deeper, you’re ready.

What do I need to do to prepare for training?

Simply continue with your regular yoga practice. There’s no required reading that needs to be completed prior to training. Your curiosity about yoga is your only prerequisite. Simply show up the first day of training with your mat.

When is the deadline to enroll?

We encourage you to sign up at the time you decide the training is right for you so we can reserve your space in the training. However, as long as there’s space in the training, you’re welcome to enroll.

Can I arrange for a payment plan?

Yes. We do offer a payment plan option. The full tuition is due prior to your last day of yoga teacher training. 

Cancellation Policy

You can reserve your place in our training with either full payment or a $500 deposit. If you cancel your enrollment more than 14 days from the start of the training, you’ll be issued a full refund minus the deposit, which is nonrefundable and nontransferable. No refunds will be given within 14 days of the start of training.

What Recent Grads Say

“It’s difficult to put into words what completing my yoga teacher training at Urban Yoga has done for me. I can hardly believe how dramatically my life has changed in the past year since my training ended. It raised some gritty questions, and, in turn, revealed some interesting answers. It wasn’t always easy, but it was so worth it. One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done for myself.” —Chelle

“I feel like it’s rest-of-my-life training…” —Tyler

“I had read that teacher training changes your life. But I had no idea what to expect. I entered the program with an open mind and graduated with a well-rounded understanding of yoga practice, a newfound confidence in myself and some lifelong friends. I started teaching shortly after graduation. All of the instructors that were a part of my training were extremely supportive as was the entire staff at Urban Yoga. My experience was amazing.” —Clair

“The Urban Yoga teacher training was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Not only did I feel prepared to teach and was hired immediately, I felt prepared to handle any event with grace and courage. The trainers  also help you find your authentic voice and teach from the heart. A great balance between philosophy and physical practice. A life-changing training.” —Beau

“Prior to training, my yoga practice offered an escape from the pressures and pains of life. This training gave me a new perspective. Instead of escaping, I began living authentically. My practice became how I live my life every day. Truly life changing. With deepest gratitude.” —Asja

Urban Yoga teacher training grad Shawn Bradford, who currently teaches at Urban Yoga, explains how her training experience prepared her to teach.

Learn More

If you have specific questions about our yoga teacher training or you’d like to arrange a time to talk to our trainers and experience a more in-depth understanding of what you’ll be learning, let us know below. We’ll reach out to you so you can receive answers to all your questions.